April 29, 1942

    Dear Diary,
No one knows I have this.  I grabbed this from a Nazi's pocket.  I was luckily not caught.  i hide it under my cot when I am not writing.  Any way in case anyone finds this i am writing a biography.  Here it is so far.
       My name Is Relda Charnia and I was born 1931.  I am 11 years old now and in Westbrook concentration camp.
one day when I was 10 a Nazi did a horrible thing to me. 
    "Eat it!' he yelled and shoved my face down onto the yucky ground. 
    "You really think i will eat that muck?" I said, sticking my head up and looking at the Nazi.
    i relly think the Nazi got mad at me because he picked me up and threw me across the yard.  When i stood me cheeks were red and my knees red from blood.  I