A Multi-genre project
by Maxine Tewsley

Note from Maxine's Mom:
At the end of 4th grade, Maxine's class took on the task of writing about one subject in multiple genres.  Each student selected a topic, researched the topic, then wrote about the topic in a variety of formats.  Maxine selected the Holocaust to research for her multi-genre project.

Dear Reader,

Have you heard about the Holocaust? The Holocaust was a horrible time. The concentration camps were very threatening.

Despite the efforts from people who disliked the idea, it still happened.
So when you are sad about a dead family member or friend think about coming home to discover all your family and friends are dead even your pet gone. How would you feel? This is dedicated to my papa Tewy (Tewsley) who loved learning about the Holocaust like me. If you want to learn more about his tragic event read this book/project.

Maxine Tewsley