The Holocaust was a horrible time.  So many people were killed or died.   In fact 67% or Europe's Jews were killed.  For some of Europe's town 90% of their Jews were killed! If you ever wondered why there were so many Nazis, or what the concentration camps were and how many were killed in them or even who were some of the survivors then that's in this book.  The Holocaust was a sad, scary, horrible time filled with hatred from the Nazis to the Jews.

    What were the concentration camps and how many were killed in them? Well, Astiwithch (Auschwitz) was a very large camp probably the largest. Astiwtich 2 and Birkeunau (Birkenau) and Astiwtich 3 or Montiwitz (Monowitz) were also very large. Westbrook (Westerbork) and Astiwitch were forced homes of Anne Frank. Mauthusen (Mauthausen) was the forced home of Tonia Blair. At Astiwich 2,000,000 were died.  At Belzek (Belzec) 600,000 died, Chelmo (Chelmno) 340,000 dead, Majdarek (Majdanek) held 1,308,000 dead.  At Sobibor 250,000 died, Treblinka was home to 800,000 dead.  The total of these major camps held 5,370,000 dead. These are just a few camps. The minimum number of Jews dead during the Holocaust is 6,000,000!

    Who were the survivors? So little survived. Some of the survivors here are some of them: Anne Shore, Alicia Fajnsten Weinsburg, Judith Bihaly, George Shwab, Larry Rosenbach, Civia Gelber Basch, Tonia Blair and Akivia Kotlone.  Eva Galeer, Solman Raskady, Shep Zitler, Jennine Burk, Joseph She and Isack Borenstein are still alive today. Otto Frank (Anne Frank's father) survived but died while he was liberated. 67% of Europe's Jews were killed that's about 6,000,000.

    How come so many people decided to be Nazi's? Well its hard to explain but here's a simple answer. Lets say you have a teacher and everything she tells you to do helped you and then one day she said to you, "Go to the store down the street and take whatever you want off the shelf." And then you do it and you get in trouble. That's how it was with Hitler. Hitler was the teacher and the Nazi were the Students.

    I hope now some of your questions are answered. If you are like me then you thought what the Nazis did to Europe's Jews was horrible. The Nazis did all of this because they hated Jews. After the Holocaust Hitler did not want to face the consequences so he shot himself in the mouth. That was the end of him. The Nazis came to and end but the former Nazis still alive today can have consequences. So remember this horrible time so it doesn't happen again.