The Holocaust

Jews, Jews
Skinny and scared
Concentration camps
Cold cots
No pillows
Gas chambers
Leafless trees
Piles of shoes and gold teeth

Days Go By

Days go by
I feel alone and dry
My heart pounds at the sound of boots
Snowy days
Rainy days
Cloudy days
Sunny days
All is miserable
in my life
during the Holocaust.

I am the Holocaust (Version 1)

I am friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event
I am a nemesis of all of Europe's Jews
I am trickster who makes Jews think their taking a shower but instead I kill them
I am a killer to Jews, gypsies and more
I am a time that says the Holocaust if my name and killing Eurpoe's Jews is my game

I am the Holocaust (Version 2)

I am a friend of Adolf Hitler
I am a terrifying event
I am an enemy of the Jews
I am in Europe
I am a trickster who says, "Take a shower."
But instead of coming out alive and wet, you come out dead.
I am a Nazi thing
I am a horrible time
I am a killer of Jews, gypsies and homosexuals
I am a time that says, "the Holocaust is my name and killing Jews is my game."


Here I come
I seek Jews to kill
Adolf Hitler
kill all Jews
It's the Final solution
The Holocaust